Stay on the Nice List!

Below are some tips keep all you Santas off the naughty list!

  1. Come in costume – it’s kinda the whole point. Don’t be “that guy” who shows up with only a Santa hat or an ugly sweater. While the Santa suit is always first choice, if you’re not into Santa, you can be creative. Come as some other holiday-themed person or object. We are sure to have some Mistletoe, Christmas trees, snowmen, elves, dreidels, abominable snow men, and reindeer among us. And maybe most importantly, the beer and food specials only apply to people in costume! Do your wallet the favor!
  2. Pace yourself. Santa likes to have a glass of water every now and then between his holiday beverages! With all those drink specials, it’s going to be hard not to get a little too jolly, but don’t be that Santa. Santa reserves the right to deny that he knows you. We do make a point to stop spend a little bit longer at certain spots so we can get food. Take advantage of these opportunities to eat!
  3. Tip well, treat the bars well, and remember to pay your tab. These places are nice enough to put up with us and to offer us some sweet deals, so return the favor! Santa is nothing if he’s not generous and joyous!
  4. When you hear “Santas on the move!” finish your drink, pay your tab, and follow the herd of Santas to the next spot.
  5. Bring a camera. There’s truly is nothing like a couple hundred Santas marching down Congress St., ordering a beer, or doing anything for that matter. You will want to have photos to show your friends and family who not able to join us (or to help jog your own memory if you have one Prelude too many). Photo ops will be plenty!